After many hours, we arrived at the hospital still in early labor. I labored through the night with Donna making suggestions for moving me into different positions and doing stretches to help progress.  It was a long night that felt like it would never end. Both Donna and my fiance were still able to make me laugh in spite of everything that was going on. Through all the decisions we had to make those days, I felt like Donna was my translator between what the doctors and nurses were saying and what I actually needed to hear in order to understand and make an informed decision about my care.

I wanted a drug-free labor and delivery but because of circumstances, I ended up with many interventions, including an epidural. Donna never once made me feel like my body was failing me or that she wasn't on board with my decisions. Many, many times I told them I couldn't keep going and I felt like I was fighting my body, being told not to push but feeling like I needed to, and loosing control of my labor. My fiance stepped back and asked Donna to take over. She got right in my face and told me I could do this. I so needed that. With every horrible contraction she helped me focus and breathe and regain control.

Although it was not the labour I pictured, I felt supported by everyone around me. I don't know how we could have done it without Donna. I am so glad we made the decision to hire her as our doula. She knew what we needed when we needed it and gave me the strength to birth my baby.

Larissa Said :

I simply had no idea how Donna's presence in the delivery room would positively impact my husband and I as we welcomed our son into the world. In addition to supporting me in the weeks leading up to delivery, Donna was constantly in contact with me as my labor loomed closer and closer, offering me encouragement and preparing me for what was to come. On the big day, Donna was at the hospital within one hour of our arrival. She arrived cool and calm, and ready to jump into action!

My labor was fast and intense. If not for Donna's presence and her ability to keep me calm and focused, I do not think that I would have been able to cope without medical intervention.  Donna helped me through each contraction and encouraged me to keep going.  Now that I have had Donna in the room I would not want to know what labor would be like without her!

Okay, not to brag, but here is what some wonderful mamma's had to say about me...


You may ask why hire a doula? For me this was an all new experience, I had no idea what to expect. (Except other peoples' horror stories which they gladly shared with me. The bigger I got, the more stories I would hear. So needless to say, I was scared). When I started into labour, I was so excited, soon being able to meet our son. Well, little did I know it could take some time and effort. We had planned a home birth but things changed. When Donna arrived she brought peace; I was a little tense. She showed me how to breath properly and encouraged me to move around, which helped in bringing my stress down. The labour got harder and we moved to the hospital. My husband was taking pointers from her the whole time. I can say she helped me and him. The

whole time we were at the hospital, Donna and my husband tag-teamed taking care of me. After 31 hours, our son arrived and it was a delight to finally hold him. My husband and I would highly recommend hiring Donna as a doula


Being "first-timers", my husband and I imagined what we thought the experience should be and what most in society think it should be. After speaking with Donna, her words resonated within us and gave us the confidence to follow our own path.

The most important gift you gave to me, Donna, was the confidence to trust myself and my strengths. Your attention, love and guidance throughout the pregnancy, and fabulous support and care during the birth made it a wonderful experience. You have made a profound difference in my life. I thank you for all you represent to mothers seeking a truly natural, self respecting, non-invasive journey from conception on through to birth. Thank you for the laughs, as we sure had a few at the hospital. Having you as a doula was the best decision we could have ever made. 

          When it came time to birth our daughter, Donna was there with her strong hands and huge heart, we feel that it just couldn't have done it without her. What an amazing team I had to bring this baby into this world. Since Joe was my rock and was unable to be anywhere else other than beside me in the clenches of my arms, we had Donna by our side, her soft voice and chill personality, those helping hands made this whole experience one of the best ever.  If we could do it all over again we would not change a thing.  When we have another baby, we know 100% that this lady has to be there too. Even though we moved to another province, we will make it happen.  Thank you, Donna!